Hydraulic oil filtration system

a) found that vacuum degassing tank nozzle vacuum oil filter is clogged, the oil can be drained, the dry air from the oil at the entrance to purge or take othermeasures to clear.

b) Vacuum Purifier before starting the vacuum pump to check the oil level and oil pollution. When oil was muddy like, let go from dirty oil discharge valve,vacuum pump oil from the pump with clean oil filling port injection, the oil levelup to the oil standard midline.

c) Vacuum Purifier After each use, such as vacuum pump oil condensatecollection system has kept the oil inside, or in a vacuum degassing of the oiloverflow tank to the oil collector should be let go promptly to keep the oil, thenclose the discharge valve.
d) Vacuum Purifier for every continuous operation for more than 150h, they should carefully check the vacuum system components (such as pump seal, etc.) loose. Tighten loose parts that should be good, if necessary, the limits ofthe vacuum pump should also check whether the factory standards.

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