Hydraulic oil filtration system
used turbine oil filtration system
Applies to power plant, mill, petrochemical, mines, cement, ships, power filter oil, mineral machinery industry, turbine oils, oil, frozen oil, edible oils in hydraulic oil much moisture, gas, impurity particles ideal equipment.   

Features: used at home and abroad latest technology, and set gravity settlement method, and poly knot separation method, and oil-water separation method, and vacuum separation method, advantages Yu one, used imports poly knot filter material (can directly de to oil in the 80% of water), will serious emulsion oil in the of water effective decomposition, accelerated fast dehydration ability, using Germany stereo Flash steamed technology will heating of liquid oil for spray drenched film atomization processing, increases oil molecular film of area, makes dehydration effect than other filter oil machine fast 3~4 times, Additional infrared automatic energy dissipation device to effectively control the vacuum up the oil, and prevent oil from entering the vacuum pump system, using Advanced pump low noise, noise control in 70dB (a) or less. Used Sino-foreign joint venture strengthening soothing water, and oil-water separation device, further guarantee fast dehydration effect, additional automatically discharge system, in kept machine, and does not damage vacuum tank within vacuum of situation Xia automatically drainage, without artificial operation, reduced fatigue of, improve work effect, to makes filter oil machine implementation automatically online run, fine filter part using imports filter material may under customer requirements will precision control in 0.5um~3um Zhijian, makes pollution serious of oil system recovery to run turbine oil pollution of control marked system under within. Can be run independently, can also run in series on the line.

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Oil-filter is a good source of removing dirt from your engine and increase life of your engine, A car engine cost more than a oil filter, So,choose filter wisely.

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I think this is a good initiative to reduce oil wastage and to have less spills as well. Good article - thanks for sharing!


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