Hydraulic oil filtration system
Absorption machine of similar products at home and abroad advanced technology toinnovative design, with excellent value for money. In oil processing technology and equipment performance at the advanced level, with a high working vacuum, oil filteringspeed, protection of oil, etc., mainly used for high pressure and high pressure electricoil purification process, the operation can improve the breakdown voltage of oil 35KVor more. This series of products can be used trailers mobile or fixed closed, suitable for installation and maintenance services of large transformer oil processing,transformer oil circulation vacuum oiling and drying heat.

In addition, users can also be configured as three high-vacuum oil purifier, to achieve greater operational vacuum, higher oil treatment to meet your requirements.

Product Features:
1, the aircraft a tank, two separate vacuum chamber, level balance between the liquid level and the formation of inter-stage pressure, performance is better than single-stagevacuum oil purifier.
2, the standard configuration of the aircraft before the pump are used world-leadingEuropean imported vacuum pump (natural cooling), pumping speed, can work quicklyto obtain high vacuum.
3, vacuum separation for new patented technology, using a unique folding stainless steel cyclone separator dehydration degassing tower, increasing the area of ​​theseparation of oil and to achieve three-dimensional thin-film evaporation, evaporationto obtain sufficient time to ensure a separation of the best .
4, using the new heating equipment, heating load is low, to avoid the oil aging.
5, liquid level control with optical level control means (the main component for the Swiss imported products), control of sensitive, accurate, and even the foam can besensitive, set the high, low liquid level protection, no fuel injection phenomenon.
6, individual design, the user can choose according to demand full or partial import ofimported products, also available on request whether to adopt the PLC (with a touch screen) control, is equipped with flow meters, to meet the needs of different customer groups.
7, impurities are filtered with U.S. import filter, filtration area, high dirt holding capacity,high filtration precision.
8, regardless of quality customer use of domestic or imported oil pump oil pump aresealed by our professional, running, low noise, no leakage, long life.

 Turbine oil filtrationWaste Engine Oil Filtration System

Hydraulic oil filtrationTransformer oil filtration,

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