Hydraulic oil filtration system
The Steam Turbine and protective actions are based on oil as the working medium, support bearings and thrust bearings also requires a lot of oil to the lubrication and cooling. Therefore, turbine lubrication system, fuel system, control system and protection systems are closely linked together to form the turbine oil system, turbine generator sets to ensure the normal operation.

 The turbine oil system can be divided into two groups according to conditions. The first group is the low-pressure oil system, lubrication system including oil pipelines, electricity supply to pump hydraulic oil pipe coupling and hydrogen-cooled generator seal oil pipeline system, the general system of hydraulic oil does not exceed 0.3MPa. The conditioning system and the second group of oil pipeline protection systems. In this system, adjust the pulse to pass the oil is medium, but also the hydraulic servo of the working media, change the hydraulic system depends on the power turbine, parameters and characteristics of the unit structure. The small and medium-capacity hydraulic pump for the main steam turbine 0.49-0.98MPa, with the increase in unit volume and increased steam parameters, the hydraulic control system will be further enhanced.

The pressure lubrication system with a common discharge pipe and tubing, pressure tubing-conveyed from the turbine oil to each bearing, the bearing into the bearing oil depends on the temperature of operation by installation of a dedicated entrance on the bearing washer to adjust the different specifications.

The conditioning system and protection system consist of components and the corresponding adjustment of the composition of the oil pipeline, the oil pipeline into the pipeline and pulse power channels. The power equal to the main pipeline pump hydraulic oil pressure in the steam turbine normal conditions, the oil pressure is constant, only the load caused by the change transition process is an exception, this time as an instant increase in traffic, the pressure will force oil reduced. The conditioning system in the pulse hydraulic pipe with turbine load and working conditions and changes in the hydraulic system can automatically change with the adjustment can also be changed by means of manual-guided institutions. The protection system in pulse pressure in the turbine oil pipeline's normal operating condition is constant, when the protective device operation, this only changes the pulse hydraulic.

The turbine oil purifier is used for treating the unqualified turbine oil, especially the seriously emulsified turbine oil. This products, which can rapidly and effectively remove the water, gas and impurities, break emulsification. It aims at turbine oil’s nature of high water content, easy emulsifiable and high impurity content, and makes the oil recover the new oil's nature. 

1. Breaking emulsification thoroughly with high- molecule polymeric material.
2. Dewatering very effectively with once and for two steps dehydrating method. It can thoroughly clear away the liquid water, free water and 80% dissolved water. 
3.With distinctive removing impurities technique filtering through double FH trapezoidal network and absorbing by high polymer material, this machine can make the ß3 equal or surpass 200 and make the cleanness lower grade 6(NAS1638).
4.With the trapezoidal, spiral, automatic back flushing system.
5.With the advanced dielectric condensation devices.
6.On-line oil purification can be carried out with turbine or water turbine automatically without any person. 

This machine breaks emulsification thoroughly, and the oil is very difficult to emulsify again after treatment. Its dehydration volume is large and it can absorb water on line. TY series, which prevent lubrication system from damage, can effectively extend the lifetime of oil and protect turbine and other machines.

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