Hydraulic oil filtration system
Hydraulic oil recycling
Hydraulic oil is good or bad, not only affect the normal operation of construction machinery, and may damage the hydraulic system components. Filtration Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Chongqing zhongneng technician in the oil summed up thechanges in the quality of hydraulic oil identification methods:
1, pump oil identification
Remove from the oil pump a little oil under test, if it has shown its milky white turbid state(and sometimes, like yellow milk), and identification with the combustion method, and found that it contains large amounts of water, hand-feel has lost its stickiness, then the has been thoroughly emulsified oil deterioration, should not be reused.
2, identify the oil tank
Measured from the tank out of a little oil, with filter paper, if there black residue retained on the filter paper, and have a pungent odor, then the oil has been oxidized, can also beremoved from the bottom part of settling tank sludge, if found many bitumen and colloidprecipitation, place your fingers on the twist kneading, if glial feel more strong adhesion, then the oil has been oxidized.

The solution: use our TYA series devices can effectively solve the hydraulic oil emulsionoxidation deterioration and so on.

Equipment works Principle:

Oil filter work, large amount of oil through the efficient and pollutant-specific filters toremove impurities. Use a special manifold and the vacuum separator personalized, within which the use of lipophilicity technology and "cavitation" principle, the oil separator in a vacuum in the expansion of the original contact area hundreds of times, and "cavitation" system and increasing the surface area of ​​the oil evaporated, and the evaporationinterface is continuously updated to maximize the oil in the vacuum system in the area of ​​travel and the static water evaporation, the oil in the water at low heat, high vacuum, a large surface, high pumping speed under the conditions of rapid vaporization of theevaporated by the vacuum system discharge.

By the vacuum separator upper discharge of water, gas, cooling and dehumidificationsystem step by step, after cooling, and finally by the vacuum pump to the air.

Vacuum separator dehydration by vacuum evaporation after drying oil, the pump was promoted by the negative pressure, through the fine filter, the absolute oil from the oildischarge port, complete the Absolute process.

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