Hydraulic oil filtration system
1. Oil temperature control
Working oil temperature is 35 ~ 55 ℃, up to 70 ℃. The adverse effects of high oil temperature:
(1) decline in oil viscosity, oil film damage is damage, friction increases, causing the heating system, the implementation of components (such as hydraulic cylinder) crawling; also lead to increased leakage, significantly reduce the efficiency of the system; oil through the throttle when the characteristics will change, so that the piston velocity is unstable.
(2) thermal expansion of parts caused by high oil temperature, so that the action occurred deputy campaign not working or stuck.
(3) When the oil temperature is over 55 ℃, the increased oil oxidation, reducing the service life, according to tests confirmed that the oil temperature is over 55 ℃ when the temperature is increased after 9 ℃, oil life shortened by half.

2.  filtration control
Oil filter filtration system shall be the maximum sensitivity of the filtration component selection, respectively, in suction, pressure piping, the servo control valve of the inlet, etc., in accordance with the requirements set filtration oil filter.

3. To strengthen the on-site maintenance and management
(1) Check the fluid cleanliness. When checking the cleanliness of equipment, the system should also check the oil, fuel tank and oil filters for cleanliness, and cleanliness on the establishment of hydraulic equipment, in the next three scoring system. The hydraulic system for critical equipment to be random.
(2) the establishment of a hydraulic system maintenance system. Level in the development of equipment maintenance content, to increase the hydraulic unit of the specific maintenance content.
(3) periodic testing of oil samples. Regularly, quantitative extraction of the oil sample, check the unit volume of the oil sample size and number of impurity particles or the weight, and for the qualitative and quantitative analysis to determine whether the oil needs to be replaced.
① Oil sampling time: oil change intervals have been provided for the hydraulic equipment, the week before in the oil of the oil being used for testing samples; the new change of oil, the cumulative work of 1000h, the response to the sample test ; large sophisticated companies in the oil hydraulic equipment used in the use of 600h, should be sampled for testing.
② taking oil samples, first of all necessary equipment to clean the oil container, and not to use dirty containers in order to ensure that data is accurate and specific method of taking oil samples are as follows:
When the hydraulic system does not work (ie in the stationary state), respectively in a tank top, middle and lower samples from each of the same amount of oil, stirring after the laboratory; hydraulic system is working, you can always return pipe in the system port to take the oil sample; tests required number of oil samples, usually 300 ~ 500mL / times; according to laboratory procedures for testing of oil, oil will fill a single laboratory test results, and analysis of fluid caused by changes in physical and chemical indicators of the reasons for exclusion in advance hidden faults, and into the equipment file.

4 regular cleaning. 
Periodically clean the filter, filter, tank, tubing and components within the dirt. Component in the disassembly should pay attention to cleanliness, all ports will be added to the plug or plastic sheeting sealed to prevent dirt intrusion system.

(5) drain intervals.
 Oil change depending on whether the extent of oil contamination, currently there are three ways to determine the oil change period:
① visual oil law. It is the experience with maintenance personnel, according to some of the oil routine visual state changes (such as oil black, stinking, into a white, etc.) to decide whether oil.
② periodic oil change method. Depending on the device where the environmental site conditions, working conditions and the use of oil drain intervals, due to be replaced. This method of hydraulic equipment is applicable to large enterprises.
③ sampling assays. Regular oil sampling for laboratory tests, determination of the necessary items (such as viscosity, acid value, moisture content, particle size and concentration as well as corrosion, etc.) and indicators, according to the actual measured value oil with the required standards of oil degradation compared to determine the Should the oil change. Sampling time: general construction machinery hydraulic system should be in the oil change the week before, key equipment (such as the TBM TBM, etc.) of the hydraulic system should be carried out once every 500h sampling was conducted, results should fill in the equipment technical file . Sampling test method for key equipment and large hydraulic equipment.

Former oil tank to the main house and the old oil pipeline exhausted, and the fuel tank, filter, hoses and other clean. Oil change, pay attention to cleanliness, to prevent the invasion of the hydraulic system of stolen goods, can not be mixed and for the wrong, after testing to confirm or complement the new fuel oil has reached the prescribed performance indicators, in order to join. When fuel oil must be filtered, the filters have been fatigue damage should be replaced.

Add oil to reach the oil tank standard position, fuel is: first fuel to the tank top oil standard line, starting the hydraulic pump motor, the oil supply to the system of pipes, oil tank and then filling to the standard line, and then start the motor, sorepeated, until the oil remained at less than marking up the oil.

by VienZhang
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