Hydraulic oil filtration system
High vacuum oil purifier, or commonly known as degassifier, is a machine that purifies the insulating oil of high voltage equipment. Degassifier consists of heaters, vacuum pump, centrifuge pump and filters that work together inorder to improve the insulating capability of the HV equipment insulating oil. 

The heater is important as this will "cooked" the insulating oil that passes through the degassifier. Through this cooking method, the water and moisture content of the insulating oil will be eliminated. The "cooked oil" will then go through an enclosed chamber. Inside this chamber, the insulating oil will be subjected to vacuum pump and centrifuge pump. The vacuum pump is a device that removes gas molecules from a sealed volume in order to leave behind a partial vacuum . Therefore, this vaccum pump will remove other gases in the oil that can contribute to low level of insulation like acetylene, hydrogen, ethylene, etc. The centrifuge pump is also operated to increase the pressure of a fluid. Centrifugal pumps are commonly used to move liquids through piping. 

 The constant stirring of the oil by the centrifuge pump will also make the oil vacuuming more effective. Then, the treated oil will be collected to a basin, where it will be pumped again to a filter. The resulting oil will be transferred to a collecting container where it will be ready to be pumped to the desired equipment. There are two types of degassifier, the off-load degassifier and the on-load degassifier. As the name implies, these degassifiers can be operated to an equipment which is energized (on-load) and de-energized (off-load). Degassifiers can also be used to refill a power transformer. Most of the time, only the heaters are left operational and centrifuge pump, vacuum pump and the filter are bypassed during refilling, especially when new insulating oil is being refilled.

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Solve the excessive use of transformer oil dielectric loss in two ways: one is the replacement of substandard oil, re-injection by electrical test and chemical analysis of the indicators are qualified oil; the other is the excessive oil recycling process. 

1 replace the failed oil.
Replacement of substandard oil can reduce system outage time, the net just put the old oil inside the transformer, the transformer oil with a qualified rinse, and then the transformer vacuum oil purifier. This treatment is more suitable for the unit does not allow an extended power outage; unit operation for a long time, the higher the value of oleic acid, dark yellow or brown oil, or oil-free water appear cloudy phenomenon, and overall degradation of the situation. But the simple transformer oil filtering oil as a "wash" thorough and oil-consuming, it is not conducive to energy conservation and environmental protection, excessive oil should not be the first choice for oil processing. 

2 regeneration process. 
Regeneration process is the physical-chemical or chemical methods to remove harmful substances in the oil, restore or improve the physical and chemical indicators of oil. Regeneration process commonly used methods are: a white absorbent indigenous law and sulfuric acid. Sorbent method for dealing with degraded to a lesser extent oil; sulfuric acid treatment for white indigenous degradation of heavy oil. Sorbent method can be divided into contact with law and the percolation method, the contact law using powdered adsorbents (such as clay, 801 adsorbents, etc.) and exposure to oil in the mixing mode of regeneration; the filtration method with which to force the oil through the granular adsorbent (eg silica gel, activated alumina, and clay particles, etc.) purification, the leachate recycling processing. For more serious deterioration of transformer oil, white indigenous sulfuric acid can be used for regeneration treatment. Sulfuric acid to remove the oil in a variety of aging products, clay treatment can eliminate the residual acid in the oil bad thing. In the actual production and operation, often encountered in oil by vacuum filtration and purification treatment, oil water content is small, the oil dielectric loss due to the higher value, and this is because the oil is not only the number of dielectric loss with water, but also with a number of factors related. 

From the above analysis can be found, most of the transformer oil dielectric loss factor increases because the oil soluble polar substances (such as sol, etc.) due to the increase. For the sol particles having a diameter of 10-gm ~ 10-Tm between, through the filter paper, therefore, the two vacuum oil filter processing can not achieve its purpose of dielectric loss factor, so by this process causes the oil dielectric loss factor increasing problem, usually filtration assay regeneration treatment can get good results.

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Lubricant in use by physical and chemical effects, as well as the effects of pollution and decay occur, lubricant properties of changes is not well protected internal combustion engine, it needs to be replaced.

(1) by heat and mechanical shear effects: 
evaporation of light components and theviscosity showed an increase in fuel consumption, mechanical shear viscosity can cause temporary or permanent decline, these are the lubrication change.

(2) oxidation nitrification deterioration: 
engine oil under conditions of use, or because of heat, air and metal catalytic oxidation, or high-temperature lean-burncases, nitrification occurs, will produce resins and asphaltenes, coke and asphalteneformation . The formation of coke or sludge, resulting in further parts of the corrosion,ring sticking, plug filters.

(3) additive consumption and degradation:
 the combustion and oxidation will consume the acid detergent, high temperature decomposition and oxidation ofsediments will be loss additives, antiwear additives and dispersants, making loss ofthe internal combustion engine lubricant protection.

(4) the accumulation of contaminants: 
dust and sand on the road, wear metalparticles can be abrasive to the parts; fleeing into the combustion products, will accelerate the rust, corrosion and sludge generation; not burning oil through thepiston rings into the crank box, will reduce the oil viscosity, additive performanceimpact, destruction of oil film strength, resulting in increased wear and tear; coolantleak caused damage more severe than even the fuel dilution.

The series TYA vacuum Lubricating oil purifier machine is used to claim and clean various high-precision lubricating oil such as hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, coolant oil, gear oil, heat treatment oil, turbine oil and so on. 

1.The machine adopted deeply and precisely FH rectangular filtering system and highly polymeric adsorbing material filters. So the machine has strong ability to remove the impurity, which can filter the dirt particle completely.
2. We adopt the high quality filter material, which has a good function in anti-corrosive, thermostable, mechanical strength. Especially, the precision of eliminates impurities is high and the service life is long. Also, it has a large volume for storing the impurities.
3. The combination of coalescing separation filters and a vacuum dewater system which dewatering effectively and thoroughly.
4. The unique degas and dewater technology: Using the stereo-evaporation technical, which can separate the water and gas from the oil quickly by the multi-level water-oil separation technology. It can remove the free and dissolved water from the oil thoroughly.
5. It has the back flush system, which can clear impurities automatically.
6. Strong capability of breaking emulsification.
7. Advanced dielectric condensation device
8. This machine installs the new pressure protector, which can control the temperature automatically; also it can drain water on line by the water-separator device. So it is easy to control this machine.
9. The all electric motor is anti-explosion. The explosion proof grade is DIIBT4.
10. Adopt double-infrared fluid level auto-control systems which can control the oil inlet and the oil outlet automatically.
11. Adopt a trinity of the interlocked preventive device. 

Advantage:This oil purification can fast Degas, dewater, and remove the impurity and the volatile matter (for example ethyl alcohol, gasoline, ammonia and so on). Enhances the oil quality, restores the lubricating oil viscosity, augments the flash point and improves the operational performance. Guaranteed the hydraulic system and the dynamic system, the lubrication system normal operation, so the machine is set for many lines, such as the mine, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, manufacture
and so on.

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used turbine oil filtration system
Applies to power plant, mill, petrochemical, mines, cement, ships, power filter oil, mineral machinery industry, turbine oils, oil, frozen oil, edible oils in hydraulic oil much moisture, gas, impurity particles ideal equipment.   

Features: used at home and abroad latest technology, and set gravity settlement method, and poly knot separation method, and oil-water separation method, and vacuum separation method, advantages Yu one, used imports poly knot filter material (can directly de to oil in the 80% of water), will serious emulsion oil in the of water effective decomposition, accelerated fast dehydration ability, using Germany stereo Flash steamed technology will heating of liquid oil for spray drenched film atomization processing, increases oil molecular film of area, makes dehydration effect than other filter oil machine fast 3~4 times, Additional infrared automatic energy dissipation device to effectively control the vacuum up the oil, and prevent oil from entering the vacuum pump system, using Advanced pump low noise, noise control in 70dB (a) or less. Used Sino-foreign joint venture strengthening soothing water, and oil-water separation device, further guarantee fast dehydration effect, additional automatically discharge system, in kept machine, and does not damage vacuum tank within vacuum of situation Xia automatically drainage, without artificial operation, reduced fatigue of, improve work effect, to makes filter oil machine implementation automatically online run, fine filter part using imports filter material may under customer requirements will precision control in 0.5um~3um Zhijian, makes pollution serious of oil system recovery to run turbine oil pollution of control marked system under within. Can be run independently, can also run in series on the line.

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To improve transformer oil, insulating oil dielectric strength, making less trace moisture content, gas content, dielectric loss factor and other indicators, before pumping transformer oil into the tank must be preceded by a rigorous treatment, the effective removal of oil in the water, gas and impurities. In practice applications, we have for different types of transformer oil, insulating oil using different forms of oil filter for targeted treatment, results were better.

1. For the general transformer are impurities, water and dust contaminated transformer oil, you can use the JL pressure transformer oil filter, through a series loop filter, is usually able to meet the requirements. Its principle is to use oil filtering paper to absorb moisture, filter impurities. Advantage is a subtle effect of impurity removal is good, its simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, easy handling, so widely used. The disadvantage is that water filters are not thorough; it only applies to low-voltage level of transformer oil, insulating oil filtration.

2. Now generally used a vacuum oil purifier (there are ZY single stage vacuum transformer oil purifier machine ZYD double stages vacuum transformer oil purifier), it can not only completely remove the oil water and gas, but also can effectively remove small impurities. The process is: when dealing with coarse filtration of transformer oil → → → heating oil fine filtration vacuum degassing → Absolute dehydration. Coarse metal mesh filter and strong magnets, fine filtration is usually 1 ~ μm micro-filter impurities. At present many different types of fine filters, sintered metal powder material, metal microporous materials, ceramic filter media and the use of special structure of filter paper filter core and so on. 

Transformer oil heating degassing vacuum dehydration. The principle is that the vacuum inside the tank, the heating of transformer oil with the formation of oil mist spray approach, leaving the oil in the gas and water escape. Oil temperature around 60 ℃ in general, not too high so as to prevent aging of transformer oil. This approach dehydration degassing effect is better, is more commonly used methods.

If the oil is sprayed into the oil has a certain diameter beads, the beads due to higher oil interfacial tension, making the oil water and gas within the beads difficult to bring into full play. To this end, the diameter of injection holes to choose appropriate, and generally taking the time to be in the tank set up with a few baffles the mouth to prevent the transformer oil is pumped vacuum. 
At present, foreign and domestic has also adopted a more advanced membrane dehydration degassing method is to make the oil into the tank, through a degassing components formed after the thin oil film, and has always been to film the entire process of degassing state of complete dehydration , thus making the water in oil and gas easier to remove.

3. Badly contaminated transformer oil filter/oil regeneration (Choose our BZ oil regeneration device).Contaminated transformer oil (commonly known as dirty oil), is being mixed with very small impurities and oil molecules combine to form a colloidal contaminated transformer oil, and after years of used transformer oil, the general product release for the repairing of oil (This oil has a very low pH value). Of such waste oil must be used in order to improve the absorption approach to oil targets. Were more commonly used silica (SiO2) or activated alumina (A12O3) as adsorbent. Waste oil processing system in order to ensure full access to silicone and transformer oil, and to facilitate replacement of silica gel, silica gel tank set up in a number of partitions, the silica gel into a small cloth bag within the rotation, not in bulk. After the heating of the transformer oil into the gel tank, do a certain time cycle to its full absorption effect, and then injected into the Absolute through the oil filter tank. In the process should be regularly monitored to determine the absorption effect, when the absorption effect is not apparent that it should consider replacing the silica gel. General silicone oil consumption by weight or about 3% ~ 5%. Waste oil processing system with the new oil-processing systems should be separated to avoid cross-contamination. Loading used waste oil cans, containers, etc. must be thoroughly cleaned before be used for the normal production of the oil system.

The Double-horizontal vacuum evaporation vessels can enlarge evaporation area efficiently. The heater, being places in the vacuum vessels, becomes an evaporator. Thus the evaporation areas of Double-horizontal vacuum vessels are three times more than of the common vacuum vessel. This innovation can dehydrate and degas effectively and separately. This optimal structure of the dehydration (degas) system enlarge the surface area of oil exposed to the vacuum system and extends the flowing distance of the oil in the vacuum system. Thus there has sufficient time to remove the moisture and gas from the oil by vaporization.
Filtering system
The filtering materials with variable apertures are made of specialized glass fiber.the sizaes of the filtering fiber and aperture dwindle gradually in the different filtering stages. The impurities with different particulate sizes are filtered step by step.the capability of removing particulate matters is improved greatly by this method.
The filtering system has stable and perfect filter fineness. The filter fineness has several grades. Including μm etc.
The filtering system is equipped with reverse rinse and filth device.it improves the effectiveness filtering and extends the lifetime of filter awfully
Electrical apparatus controlling system
The main components of the electrical apparatus made by Siemens, Schneider company ensure the safety of the controlling system .having interlocked protective system, pressure protective device which will avoid overload,over voltage,blank pumping,blank heating,oil leak and electricity leak etc.
Oil heating system
The unique effective electric heater structure heats the oil uniformly
Oil heater system assures less than 1.0w/cm2.during the heating process, the deterioration of the oil cuased by overheating is avoided.
The oil temperature can be adjusted between 0℃ to 100℃.the heater is controlled manually or automatically .the heater will stop automatically when the oil temperature reaches a certain degree
Being installed with safety protection devices, the heating system is secure and reliable.the heater will stop operation automatically when the oil volume of inlet is too much to avoid the damages of the heater
Oil-level controlling system
The oil-level floating ball and double-infrared liquid level automatic controller system are installed in the vacuum vessel to control the oil level so as to avoid the oil leaking in the operation.
The new innovation of eliminating forth can avoid the oil ejecting and gushing during the process.
High quality components
The main component parts of our products such as vavuum pump ,oil pump, motor and electric apparatus are from SIEMENS, ABB, SCHNEIDER, LEYBOLD and AMICO etc. They ensure our products high quality and reliability.
Structure and apparatus of oil purifier
Our products adopt ship-shape chasis-mount structure to ensure oil leak proof and protect the environment from pollution.
The whole equipment is characterized by small size.light weight and convenient to move around.various sizes and configurations (alloy shield) available
Vailable in mobile or stationary options
Automatic vacuum oil purifier or anti-explosion vacuum oil purifier is both available according to customers' need.
Cooler, medium condenser system
The system is composed of cooler .condenser,water receiver etc.
The vapor and other gas ,which is evaporated from vacuum separator, first drop in temperature and are rid of moisture in condenser, then are condensed again in cooler which has retarded exchange media .the reductive condensed water are discharged by water receiver,the dry gas ,which are condensed and rid of moisture twice,are discharged to air by vacuum pump so that it protects vacuum pump.
The plant is characterized by small size,light weight,rich color, and our company can produce trail car type and closed type (alloy shield) according to the customer's requirement.
 In order to make sure that the stable of oil purifier plant which can work long time and extend the life of the machine, the oil purifier's main parts such as electric control parts, electric motor, vacuum pump,oil pump are imported from SIEMENS,LEYBOLD,ABB etc.