Hydraulic oil filtration system

Start turbine oil purification system, oil in the role of internal and external pressure by theentrance to the beginning of the filter, particulate impurities are filtered, heated oil to enter the parallel the use of two manifolds. Strengthening of hydrophobic and hydrophilic due to the water separator uses, changing the interaction of the oil-water two-phase interface, so that the oil in a small O / W phase break, drop accelerated movement, and gather to form large droplets from the oil separation precipitation , precipitation in the storage device. Watershed after the oil by the two filters to filter out small impurities, and then enter a specially designed personalized vacuum separator.Molecular separation principle in its transformer resolve the oil, vacuum retention, flash acute andthree-dimensional evaporation, eliminating the binding force between molecules, so that the oildissolved in water, dissolved gases, and free gas fast ulceration film out of the oil molecules and precipitation , before the formation of mist in the vacuum separator, and then the formation of themembrane, so that the contact area in a vacuum to expand the original hundreds of times, the oil in the water in high heat, high vacuum, surface, high pumping speed of the conditions rapidvaporization discharged by the vacuum system.
The water vapor discharged from the upper part of the vacuum separator, the first condenser coolingdehumidification, again into the cooler, cooling, condensation of water discharged into the water container, after the two cooling dehumidification of gas, the last row by the vacuum pump to the air.
Vacuum separator dry vacuum vaporization dehydration fluid, the pump was promoted by thenegative pressure to positive pressure, after a fine filter, oil purifier from the discharge outlet, to complete the absolutes process. 

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Pay attention to the difference between the vacuum transformer oil filtration system  and other types of transformer oil purification system to protect the safety of personnel and equipment , also to protect the safety of the transformer.

1, in the working spot, the transformer oil regeneration system should be as close to the transformer or tank, the suction line should not be too long to make system reduced the pipeline resistance.
2, connecting pipeline (including the tank) must be thoroughly cleaned, and a good seal.
3, in strict accordance with operating procedures. Subject to start the transformer oil regeneration system filter,vacuum pump, oil pump and heater running properly and to ensure good internal circulation only after the oil cycle.
4, the oil contains a large number of mechanical impurities andfree water. Prior to rule out the bottom of the water and impurities, and then the other filter devices (such as centrifugal oil filter, pressure-type oil filter) to fullyfilter out the requirements of crude oil in order to achieve the vacuum oil standard, before the vacuum oil filter to affect the oil filter service life.
5, during operation, should strictly monitor the work of the transformer oil regeneration system (such as vacuum, flow, temperature, etc.), should be regularly before and after the detection of oil processing quality (breakdown voltage, etc.). To monitor the oil filter purification.6, in the winter operations, piping, vacuum tank and other components should be used insulation measures in the substation oil filter also must comply with the relevant provisions of the electrical safe work procedures issued by the electric power industry.

Used oil vacuum filtration system
Oil in the transport process and the general use of process will produce solid material, water, emulsion and other impurities, in fact, dealing with different types of oil filter oil is the choice of different impurities in different ways oil filtering, oil filter method 

There are three types:
1, relying on filters and other filter media to intercept the role of mechanical filter oil filter impurities;
2, the use of gravity separation and centrifugal separation principle of centrifugal oil filter;
3, according to the boiling point of water and oil theory, oil-water separation by distillation methods, and mechanical filtration remove solid impurities in the vacuum oil filter;

Frame pressure type oil filter because the filter and other filter media had to rely on the role of filter block impurities, impurity particles will plug the filter mesh quickly and require frequent replacement of the filter, resulting in use of high cost, while smaller than the filter pore size fine particles is invalid, it is difficult to achieve cleanliness to NAS6 ~ 8 level stable oil filtering effect. Plate filter press, for concentrations below 50% of the low viscosity, less the amount of liquid containing slag filter for closed in order to achieve purification, sterilization, clarification and other fine filter, semi-fine filter requirements; direct use microporous filter membrane, may, without microporous membrane filters can be achieved sterile filtration purposes.

Centrifugal oil filter to remove free water and coarse impurities, but the fine particles of emulsified oil or powerless. Can not remove the paint and other suspended solids; not effective against bacteria. Requirements for high-viscosity oil heated to 84.5 ℃ above, accelerated oil aging. Watershed poor performance, may lead to more oil emulsion. The system requires frequent cleaning; system requirements for installation of high, large projects. Equipment, high cost, does not solve the problem of oil emulsion, many power plants, steel mills have stopped using the centrifuge;

Vacuum Oil water separation using a vacuum distillation method, the use of mechanical filtration to remove impurities. Mechanical filters have been mentioned above, the filter using high cost, mainly the cleanliness; vacuum separation is only suitable for the removal of water moisture in oil, such as handling transformer oil, turbine oil for water content and more, lubrication oil or oil-film bearings, vacuum dehydration is not suitable; with water emulsified oil vacuum oil processing inefficiencies, low temperature dehydration is very slow; foam at high temperature, dehydration process is still very slow, and difficult to operate; for serious leakage units, vacuum isolated from the water system to produce water less than the amount of oil, vacuum oil filter processing, only to consume energy, waste of human resources, can not solve the problem.

In general, oil vacuum oil purifier is mainly used in the case of water, to remove a small amount of oil in the water, plate and frame pressure type oil filter mainly used to remove solid impurities in the oil, a simple filter plate machine has been rarely used oil, oil filter available precision (mobile, with filter), is more convenient; course, in the lubricating oil in the mechanical impurities, the use of plate and frame pressure type oil filter far more economical. As to whether a certain use, we need to understand the cycle of oil particle size requirements, the use of filtering accuracy than 20UM frame pressure type oil filter, if you need to improve accuracy, precision oil filter must be used

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High vacuum oil purifier, or commonly known as degassifier, is a machine that purifies the insulating oil of high voltage equipment. Degassifier consists of heaters, vacuum pump, centrifuge pump and filters that work together inorder to improve the insulating capability of the HV equipment insulating oil. 

The heater is important as this will "cooked" the insulating oil that passes through the degassifier. Through this cooking method, the water and moisture content of the insulating oil will be eliminated. The "cooked oil" will then go through an enclosed chamber. Inside this chamber, the insulating oil will be subjected to vacuum pump and centrifuge pump. The vacuum pump is a device that removes gas molecules from a sealed volume in order to leave behind a partial vacuum . Therefore, this vaccum pump will remove other gases in the oil that can contribute to low level of insulation like acetylene, hydrogen, ethylene, etc. The centrifuge pump is also operated to increase the pressure of a fluid. Centrifugal pumps are commonly used to move liquids through piping. 

 The constant stirring of the oil by the centrifuge pump will also make the oil vacuuming more effective. Then, the treated oil will be collected to a basin, where it will be pumped again to a filter. The resulting oil will be transferred to a collecting container where it will be ready to be pumped to the desired equipment. There are two types of degassifier, the off-load degassifier and the on-load degassifier. As the name implies, these degassifiers can be operated to an equipment which is energized (on-load) and de-energized (off-load). Degassifiers can also be used to refill a power transformer. Most of the time, only the heaters are left operational and centrifuge pump, vacuum pump and the filter are bypassed during refilling, especially when new insulating oil is being refilled.

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1, oil filter at startup, care should be taken not to pump reverse, so as to avoid blowing out oil pump shaft seal cause inhaled air. 

2, oil filter in use during the pump sucks in air, affecting oil pump, in order to achieve the rated flow oil filter and a commitment to works of fine filter elements, please check that the filter pipeline is plugged in. 

3, oil filter used for a period of time, as a result of coarse filter pollutants badly clogged due to poor surface and oil absorption (lack of oil), oil pump caused by excessive noise, please stop machine to remove oil filter cleaning or replacement filter cartridge. 

4, fine filter to use for a period of time, susceptible to pollutants gradually blocked, causing the filter drum pressure rise when pressure gauge values up to 0.4MPa, need timely replacement of fine filter. 

5, in order to guarantee the oil filter effect used oil, oil-absorbing hoses should be always kept clean.

 6, if the oil cars could not enter the oil filter, check finds that: 
A, shift transmission oil pump is correct; 
B, fuel tanks to port between the reliability of components sealed, oil suction leave oil or oil has been finished or sucker suck barrel wall; 
C, coarse filter is seriously blocked. 
D, oil pump shaft seal for damage. 

7, oil filter car traffic significantly reduces, please check finds that: 
A, coarse and fine filter filter is blocked serious; 
B, oil pump shaft oil seal wear and tear or due to long time anti-causing blowing out instead. 

8, filter pressure suddenly dropped, check the fine filter elements for breakdown damage
Lubricating oil purificationInsulating oil Purification,
 Turbine oil purificationWaste engine oil purification

Hydraulic oil recycling
Hydraulic oil is good or bad, not only affect the normal operation of construction machinery, and may damage the hydraulic system components. Filtration Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Chongqing zhongneng technician in the oil summed up thechanges in the quality of hydraulic oil identification methods:
1, pump oil identification
Remove from the oil pump a little oil under test, if it has shown its milky white turbid state(and sometimes, like yellow milk), and identification with the combustion method, and found that it contains large amounts of water, hand-feel has lost its stickiness, then the has been thoroughly emulsified oil deterioration, should not be reused.
2, identify the oil tank
Measured from the tank out of a little oil, with filter paper, if there black residue retained on the filter paper, and have a pungent odor, then the oil has been oxidized, can also beremoved from the bottom part of settling tank sludge, if found many bitumen and colloidprecipitation, place your fingers on the twist kneading, if glial feel more strong adhesion, then the oil has been oxidized.

The solution: use our TYA series devices can effectively solve the hydraulic oil emulsionoxidation deterioration and so on.

Equipment works Principle:

Oil filter work, large amount of oil through the efficient and pollutant-specific filters toremove impurities. Use a special manifold and the vacuum separator personalized, within which the use of lipophilicity technology and "cavitation" principle, the oil separator in a vacuum in the expansion of the original contact area hundreds of times, and "cavitation" system and increasing the surface area of ​​the oil evaporated, and the evaporationinterface is continuously updated to maximize the oil in the vacuum system in the area of ​​travel and the static water evaporation, the oil in the water at low heat, high vacuum, a large surface, high pumping speed under the conditions of rapid vaporization of theevaporated by the vacuum system discharge.

By the vacuum separator upper discharge of water, gas, cooling and dehumidificationsystem step by step, after cooling, and finally by the vacuum pump to the air.

Vacuum separator dehydration by vacuum evaporation after drying oil, the pump was promoted by the negative pressure, through the fine filter, the absolute oil from the oildischarge port, complete the Absolute process.

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Absorption machine of similar products at home and abroad advanced technology toinnovative design, with excellent value for money. In oil processing technology and equipment performance at the advanced level, with a high working vacuum, oil filteringspeed, protection of oil, etc., mainly used for high pressure and high pressure electricoil purification process, the operation can improve the breakdown voltage of oil 35KVor more. This series of products can be used trailers mobile or fixed closed, suitable for installation and maintenance services of large transformer oil processing,transformer oil circulation vacuum oiling and drying heat.

In addition, users can also be configured as three high-vacuum oil purifier, to achieve greater operational vacuum, higher oil treatment to meet your requirements.

Product Features:
1, the aircraft a tank, two separate vacuum chamber, level balance between the liquid level and the formation of inter-stage pressure, performance is better than single-stagevacuum oil purifier.
2, the standard configuration of the aircraft before the pump are used world-leadingEuropean imported vacuum pump (natural cooling), pumping speed, can work quicklyto obtain high vacuum.
3, vacuum separation for new patented technology, using a unique folding stainless steel cyclone separator dehydration degassing tower, increasing the area of ​​theseparation of oil and to achieve three-dimensional thin-film evaporation, evaporationto obtain sufficient time to ensure a separation of the best .
4, using the new heating equipment, heating load is low, to avoid the oil aging.
5, liquid level control with optical level control means (the main component for the Swiss imported products), control of sensitive, accurate, and even the foam can besensitive, set the high, low liquid level protection, no fuel injection phenomenon.
6, individual design, the user can choose according to demand full or partial import ofimported products, also available on request whether to adopt the PLC (with a touch screen) control, is equipped with flow meters, to meet the needs of different customer groups.
7, impurities are filtered with U.S. import filter, filtration area, high dirt holding capacity,high filtration precision.
8, regardless of quality customer use of domestic or imported oil pump oil pump aresealed by our professional, running, low noise, no leakage, long life.

 Turbine oil filtrationWaste Engine Oil Filtration System

Hydraulic oil filtrationTransformer oil filtration,

Solve the excessive use of transformer oil dielectric loss in two ways: one is the replacement of substandard oil, re-injection by electrical test and chemical analysis of the indicators are qualified oil; the other is the excessive oil recycling process. 

1 replace the failed oil.
Replacement of substandard oil can reduce system outage time, the net just put the old oil inside the transformer, the transformer oil with a qualified rinse, and then the transformer vacuum oil purifier. This treatment is more suitable for the unit does not allow an extended power outage; unit operation for a long time, the higher the value of oleic acid, dark yellow or brown oil, or oil-free water appear cloudy phenomenon, and overall degradation of the situation. But the simple transformer oil filtering oil as a "wash" thorough and oil-consuming, it is not conducive to energy conservation and environmental protection, excessive oil should not be the first choice for oil processing. 

2 regeneration process. 
Regeneration process is the physical-chemical or chemical methods to remove harmful substances in the oil, restore or improve the physical and chemical indicators of oil. Regeneration process commonly used methods are: a white absorbent indigenous law and sulfuric acid. Sorbent method for dealing with degraded to a lesser extent oil; sulfuric acid treatment for white indigenous degradation of heavy oil. Sorbent method can be divided into contact with law and the percolation method, the contact law using powdered adsorbents (such as clay, 801 adsorbents, etc.) and exposure to oil in the mixing mode of regeneration; the filtration method with which to force the oil through the granular adsorbent (eg silica gel, activated alumina, and clay particles, etc.) purification, the leachate recycling processing. For more serious deterioration of transformer oil, white indigenous sulfuric acid can be used for regeneration treatment. Sulfuric acid to remove the oil in a variety of aging products, clay treatment can eliminate the residual acid in the oil bad thing. In the actual production and operation, often encountered in oil by vacuum filtration and purification treatment, oil water content is small, the oil dielectric loss due to the higher value, and this is because the oil is not only the number of dielectric loss with water, but also with a number of factors related. 

From the above analysis can be found, most of the transformer oil dielectric loss factor increases because the oil soluble polar substances (such as sol, etc.) due to the increase. For the sol particles having a diameter of 10-gm ~ 10-Tm between, through the filter paper, therefore, the two vacuum oil filter processing can not achieve its purpose of dielectric loss factor, so by this process causes the oil dielectric loss factor increasing problem, usually filtration assay regeneration treatment can get good results.

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Hydraulic oil filtrationTransformer oil filtrationTurbine oil filtration,
 Waste Engine Oil Filtration System

Filtration oil filter choice, mainly due to two factors.

1, the oil needs. For example, insulating oil, filter through in order to achievehigh-precision high insulation value, and large module gears on the requirements of the impurities is much more extensive.

2, the oil viscosity. High-viscosity oil through a fine strainer is not required to reduce accuracy.
If the one-sided emphasis on cleanliness and the use of precision oil filter, oil filter will increase operating costs. Because:

(1) filter is often clogged and require frequent cleaning or filter replacement.
(2) increasing the axial compression, so the oil can rapidly through the filter, butoften so crushed filter.
(3) the addition of warm-up tank, raising the temperature, lower viscosity.

In general, the fine filter stage of filtration options are:

(1) insulating oil, choose 1 ~ 5μm.
(2) 46 # The following lubricating oil, turbine oil, election 10 ~ 20μm.
(3) engine oil, gear oil selected 20 ~ 50μm.

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Lubricant in use by physical and chemical effects, as well as the effects of pollution and decay occur, lubricant properties of changes is not well protected internal combustion engine, it needs to be replaced.

(1) by heat and mechanical shear effects: 
evaporation of light components and theviscosity showed an increase in fuel consumption, mechanical shear viscosity can cause temporary or permanent decline, these are the lubrication change.

(2) oxidation nitrification deterioration: 
engine oil under conditions of use, or because of heat, air and metal catalytic oxidation, or high-temperature lean-burncases, nitrification occurs, will produce resins and asphaltenes, coke and asphalteneformation . The formation of coke or sludge, resulting in further parts of the corrosion,ring sticking, plug filters.

(3) additive consumption and degradation:
 the combustion and oxidation will consume the acid detergent, high temperature decomposition and oxidation ofsediments will be loss additives, antiwear additives and dispersants, making loss ofthe internal combustion engine lubricant protection.

(4) the accumulation of contaminants: 
dust and sand on the road, wear metalparticles can be abrasive to the parts; fleeing into the combustion products, will accelerate the rust, corrosion and sludge generation; not burning oil through thepiston rings into the crank box, will reduce the oil viscosity, additive performanceimpact, destruction of oil film strength, resulting in increased wear and tear; coolantleak caused damage more severe than even the fuel dilution.

The series TYA vacuum Lubricating oil purifier machine is used to claim and clean various high-precision lubricating oil such as hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, coolant oil, gear oil, heat treatment oil, turbine oil and so on. 

1.The machine adopted deeply and precisely FH rectangular filtering system and highly polymeric adsorbing material filters. So the machine has strong ability to remove the impurity, which can filter the dirt particle completely.
2. We adopt the high quality filter material, which has a good function in anti-corrosive, thermostable, mechanical strength. Especially, the precision of eliminates impurities is high and the service life is long. Also, it has a large volume for storing the impurities.
3. The combination of coalescing separation filters and a vacuum dewater system which dewatering effectively and thoroughly.
4. The unique degas and dewater technology: Using the stereo-evaporation technical, which can separate the water and gas from the oil quickly by the multi-level water-oil separation technology. It can remove the free and dissolved water from the oil thoroughly.
5. It has the back flush system, which can clear impurities automatically.
6. Strong capability of breaking emulsification.
7. Advanced dielectric condensation device
8. This machine installs the new pressure protector, which can control the temperature automatically; also it can drain water on line by the water-separator device. So it is easy to control this machine.
9. The all electric motor is anti-explosion. The explosion proof grade is DIIBT4.
10. Adopt double-infrared fluid level auto-control systems which can control the oil inlet and the oil outlet automatically.
11. Adopt a trinity of the interlocked preventive device. 

Advantage:This oil purification can fast Degas, dewater, and remove the impurity and the volatile matter (for example ethyl alcohol, gasoline, ammonia and so on). Enhances the oil quality, restores the lubricating oil viscosity, augments the flash point and improves the operational performance. Guaranteed the hydraulic system and the dynamic system, the lubrication system normal operation, so the machine is set for many lines, such as the mine, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, manufacture
and so on.

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