Hydraulic oil filtration system
Absorption machine of similar products at home and abroad advanced technology toinnovative design, with excellent value for money. In oil processing technology and equipment performance at the advanced level, with a high working vacuum, oil filteringspeed, protection of oil, etc., mainly used for high pressure and high pressure electricoil purification process, the operation can improve the breakdown voltage of oil 35KVor more. This series of products can be used trailers mobile or fixed closed, suitable for installation and maintenance services of large transformer oil processing,transformer oil circulation vacuum oiling and drying heat.

In addition, users can also be configured as three high-vacuum oil purifier, to achieve greater operational vacuum, higher oil treatment to meet your requirements.

Product Features:
1, the aircraft a tank, two separate vacuum chamber, level balance between the liquid level and the formation of inter-stage pressure, performance is better than single-stagevacuum oil purifier.
2, the standard configuration of the aircraft before the pump are used world-leadingEuropean imported vacuum pump (natural cooling), pumping speed, can work quicklyto obtain high vacuum.
3, vacuum separation for new patented technology, using a unique folding stainless steel cyclone separator dehydration degassing tower, increasing the area of ​​theseparation of oil and to achieve three-dimensional thin-film evaporation, evaporationto obtain sufficient time to ensure a separation of the best .
4, using the new heating equipment, heating load is low, to avoid the oil aging.
5, liquid level control with optical level control means (the main component for the Swiss imported products), control of sensitive, accurate, and even the foam can besensitive, set the high, low liquid level protection, no fuel injection phenomenon.
6, individual design, the user can choose according to demand full or partial import ofimported products, also available on request whether to adopt the PLC (with a touch screen) control, is equipped with flow meters, to meet the needs of different customer groups.
7, impurities are filtered with U.S. import filter, filtration area, high dirt holding capacity,high filtration precision.
8, regardless of quality customer use of domestic or imported oil pump oil pump aresealed by our professional, running, low noise, no leakage, long life.

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Hydraulic oil filtrationTransformer oil filtration,

Solve the excessive use of transformer oil dielectric loss in two ways: one is the replacement of substandard oil, re-injection by electrical test and chemical analysis of the indicators are qualified oil; the other is the excessive oil recycling process. 

1 replace the failed oil.
Replacement of substandard oil can reduce system outage time, the net just put the old oil inside the transformer, the transformer oil with a qualified rinse, and then the transformer vacuum oil purifier. This treatment is more suitable for the unit does not allow an extended power outage; unit operation for a long time, the higher the value of oleic acid, dark yellow or brown oil, or oil-free water appear cloudy phenomenon, and overall degradation of the situation. But the simple transformer oil filtering oil as a "wash" thorough and oil-consuming, it is not conducive to energy conservation and environmental protection, excessive oil should not be the first choice for oil processing. 

2 regeneration process. 
Regeneration process is the physical-chemical or chemical methods to remove harmful substances in the oil, restore or improve the physical and chemical indicators of oil. Regeneration process commonly used methods are: a white absorbent indigenous law and sulfuric acid. Sorbent method for dealing with degraded to a lesser extent oil; sulfuric acid treatment for white indigenous degradation of heavy oil. Sorbent method can be divided into contact with law and the percolation method, the contact law using powdered adsorbents (such as clay, 801 adsorbents, etc.) and exposure to oil in the mixing mode of regeneration; the filtration method with which to force the oil through the granular adsorbent (eg silica gel, activated alumina, and clay particles, etc.) purification, the leachate recycling processing. For more serious deterioration of transformer oil, white indigenous sulfuric acid can be used for regeneration treatment. Sulfuric acid to remove the oil in a variety of aging products, clay treatment can eliminate the residual acid in the oil bad thing. In the actual production and operation, often encountered in oil by vacuum filtration and purification treatment, oil water content is small, the oil dielectric loss due to the higher value, and this is because the oil is not only the number of dielectric loss with water, but also with a number of factors related. 

From the above analysis can be found, most of the transformer oil dielectric loss factor increases because the oil soluble polar substances (such as sol, etc.) due to the increase. For the sol particles having a diameter of 10-gm ~ 10-Tm between, through the filter paper, therefore, the two vacuum oil filter processing can not achieve its purpose of dielectric loss factor, so by this process causes the oil dielectric loss factor increasing problem, usually filtration assay regeneration treatment can get good results.

More solutions for used transformer oil
Hydraulic oil filtrationTransformer oil filtrationTurbine oil filtration,
 Waste Engine Oil Filtration System

Filtration oil filter choice, mainly due to two factors.

1, the oil needs. For example, insulating oil, filter through in order to achievehigh-precision high insulation value, and large module gears on the requirements of the impurities is much more extensive.

2, the oil viscosity. High-viscosity oil through a fine strainer is not required to reduce accuracy.
If the one-sided emphasis on cleanliness and the use of precision oil filter, oil filter will increase operating costs. Because:

(1) filter is often clogged and require frequent cleaning or filter replacement.
(2) increasing the axial compression, so the oil can rapidly through the filter, butoften so crushed filter.
(3) the addition of warm-up tank, raising the temperature, lower viscosity.

In general, the fine filter stage of filtration options are:

(1) insulating oil, choose 1 ~ 5μm.
(2) 46 # The following lubricating oil, turbine oil, election 10 ~ 20μm.
(3) engine oil, gear oil selected 20 ~ 50μm.

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