Hydraulic oil filtration system

Start turbine oil purification system, oil in the role of internal and external pressure by theentrance to the beginning of the filter, particulate impurities are filtered, heated oil to enter the parallel the use of two manifolds. Strengthening of hydrophobic and hydrophilic due to the water separator uses, changing the interaction of the oil-water two-phase interface, so that the oil in a small O / W phase break, drop accelerated movement, and gather to form large droplets from the oil separation precipitation , precipitation in the storage device. Watershed after the oil by the two filters to filter out small impurities, and then enter a specially designed personalized vacuum separator.Molecular separation principle in its transformer resolve the oil, vacuum retention, flash acute andthree-dimensional evaporation, eliminating the binding force between molecules, so that the oildissolved in water, dissolved gases, and free gas fast ulceration film out of the oil molecules and precipitation , before the formation of mist in the vacuum separator, and then the formation of themembrane, so that the contact area in a vacuum to expand the original hundreds of times, the oil in the water in high heat, high vacuum, surface, high pumping speed of the conditions rapidvaporization discharged by the vacuum system.
The water vapor discharged from the upper part of the vacuum separator, the first condenser coolingdehumidification, again into the cooler, cooling, condensation of water discharged into the water container, after the two cooling dehumidification of gas, the last row by the vacuum pump to the air.
Vacuum separator dry vacuum vaporization dehydration fluid, the pump was promoted by thenegative pressure to positive pressure, after a fine filter, oil purifier from the discharge outlet, to complete the absolutes process. 

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Pay attention to the difference between the vacuum transformer oil filtration system  and other types of transformer oil purification system to protect the safety of personnel and equipment , also to protect the safety of the transformer.

1, in the working spot, the transformer oil regeneration system should be as close to the transformer or tank, the suction line should not be too long to make system reduced the pipeline resistance.
2, connecting pipeline (including the tank) must be thoroughly cleaned, and a good seal.
3, in strict accordance with operating procedures. Subject to start the transformer oil regeneration system filter,vacuum pump, oil pump and heater running properly and to ensure good internal circulation only after the oil cycle.
4, the oil contains a large number of mechanical impurities andfree water. Prior to rule out the bottom of the water and impurities, and then the other filter devices (such as centrifugal oil filter, pressure-type oil filter) to fullyfilter out the requirements of crude oil in order to achieve the vacuum oil standard, before the vacuum oil filter to affect the oil filter service life.
5, during operation, should strictly monitor the work of the transformer oil regeneration system (such as vacuum, flow, temperature, etc.), should be regularly before and after the detection of oil processing quality (breakdown voltage, etc.). To monitor the oil filter purification.6, in the winter operations, piping, vacuum tank and other components should be used insulation measures in the substation oil filter also must comply with the relevant provisions of the electrical safe work procedures issued by the electric power industry.